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If you have a business, chances are you are surrounded by forms on a daily basis.  Forms for:

  • Suppliers and Vendors

  • Customer Invoices and Statements

  • Internal tracking forms 

  • Employment forms

  • Reservation forms

If you laugh sarcastically at the concept of a paperless office, you've come to the right place.  Your forms nightmare is our idea of a fun project.  Regardless of whether you are using handwritten paper forms or computer generated forms in Word or Excel or a combination of the two - we can work with you towards a more economical, profit-enhancing solution.

Case Study:  Accu-Data Business Information Services, Inc.

Accu-Data Business Information Services, Inc. performs loss control surveys on residential and commercial properties on behalf of nationwide insurance companies.  

Their in house system used databases in Microsoft Access (designed by us) with some forms in Word.  The amount of paper forms shuffling back and forth through the mail was staggering.  Not too mention the amount of money spent on postage.  Days were lost in transit to get the work to the field reps and then again waiting for it to be mailed back.  Photographs and sketch diagrams were scanned in and resized.  As the business grew, so did the work load and so did the paperwork.  There was a huge amount of data input - transcribing from handwritten reports into attractive, computer generated forms.  The Microsoft Access database had reached its limits.  No further development would have been worth it.

We designed a new system and set to work.  The challenge was converting 30+ separate forms - some multiple pages, some 45+ combined pages with literally 1,000's of data input fields, checkboxes, and photos into a system that would ultimately save the company money and increase their productivity.

Now, with the system in full operation, Accu-Data is noticing the difference.  The money saved on postage was phenomenal.  Field reps login securely from wherever they are located and can see their work assignments instantly as soon as they are assigned from the office.  Using online web forms and a MySQL online relational database, the field reps can swiftly input the information they have collected.  Photos and sketch diagrams are uploaded easily to the server and automatically resized.  The field rep's billing information is calculated and transmitted with the completed work.

We created a separate system (tied-in) for Accu-Data's customers (the insurance companies).  They can track the progress of their inspection requests and once completed, can view the results immediately.  The time savings all around were noticeable.   

We would be happy to sit down with you and show you samples of our work.  The system in the case study above uses proprietary forms and contains private data so we can't provide a link to that one.  If you are interested in improving your work process and saving money at the same time, please contact us.


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